1. Do you do Cash Point Meets, Wallet Raids, or ATM drains in real time?
Yes. You can meet me in a varity of locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, or in the cities I'm visiting when I travel. Keep en eye on my Twitter Feed for my locations, or you can contact me directly to arrange a meet. I require a good faith deposit of $20 for a Cash Meet and a minimum of $100 cash during the meet. 

2. How much is the legal debt contract for? How long do I have to pay it back? What is the interest rate? 
The legal contract costs $200 to draw up by a professional lawyer with your details. Due to the cost of having the contract drawn up the contract starts at a minimum of $10,000. You can decide how many years and the rate of interest that you can afford to pay me by using this Loan Calculator Tool.

Once you decide on the rate and length of the contract you pay the fee for the lawyer and send me PROOF OF YOUR IDENTIY. You can not sign a legally binding contract without sending me proof that you are who you say you are. This includes a pic of your photo ID, a picture of you holding the ID next to your face. You must pay the fee, then submit your proof of ID to me with your rate of interest and years on the contract, and I will send your information to my lawyer. Most debt contracts are delivered in 1-2 days.